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Discussion Questions

Critical Care Research and Education Discussion Time

Article:  Nielsen, N., Wettersley, J., Cronberg, T., Erlinge, D., Gasche, Y., …Friedrich, J, …Friberg,H., (2013). Targeted temperature management at 33°C versus 36°C after cardiac arrest. The New England Journal of Medicine, 369:2197-206. doi 10.1056/ NEJMoa1310519

Questions to guide your reading:

  1. What was your initial reaction to the paper?
  2. What is the clinical issue being investigated and the literature gap that warrants the investigation? Is this issue relevant to your personal practice and to practice in our unit?
  3. How was the study designed? Where was the study conducted? Who participated?
  4. What were the major findings? Did you anticipate the findings or were you surprised by the results?
  5. What were the strengths of the study?
  6. What were the limitations of the study?
  7. What additional research is required?
  8. What challenges would you foresee in adopting this intervention in routine practice?
  9. What are the ”take-home” messages for your personal practice? for the unit?


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